WordPress Development Agency Custom Web Development
arezo 1402/08/17 Software development
These services can include website development and design, plugin and theme development, website maintenance, WordPress migration, consulting, marketing, and more. Do you need help with your blog development, ideation, site design, or just need some added functionality? We provide a lot of expertly curated WordPress API Integration services and free consultation from our experts to […]
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What is Negative Testing Automated Testing Tutorials
arezo 1402/07/21 Software development
Each type has a different window period for which it can accurately detect an HIV infection. Results can be available in 30 minutes or less, depending on the type of test. Several types of tests are available to determine whether someone has HIV. Testing is important both in preventing HIV and in helping people who […]
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Outsourcing vs  Outstaffing: What’s the Difference, Advantages & Disadvantages
arezo 1401/07/13 Software development
Outstaffing companies provide employees and resources to other companies, typically temporarily. Outstaffing company often specializes in providing certain types of expertise and skills. The employees they supply are generally highly skilled professionals employed under different regulations than conventional employees. In an outsourced team, the main person to maintain contact and communication with the client is […]
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Defect Density Agile Metrics Agile Project Management questions
arezo 1400/07/19 Software development
According to best practices, one defect per 1000 lines (LOC) is considered good. The size of the software or code is expressed in Function Points (FP). Defect density is numerical data that determines the number of defects detected in software or component during a specific development period. In short, it is used to ensure whether […]
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